The Book of BLEH!

The Book of Bleh contains the most complete extant explication of Snake Destiny, the tail of the True Serpent and the False Serpent, and how UpChuck Snout lost his high title and became Rent-a-cop.

No one now living knows of the Teeny Choppist God. The original, carved into a pinhead without a magnifying glass, of The Book of BLEH, The Root Rot Rant and miscellaneous, spurious issuances of The Church of Tina is lost. Therefore I introduce a doubly spurious Gnostic heresy based upon vile rumors of the true Book of BLEH.

-- Ygor Gray Vrauber

Original edition © 1989 by Anonymous Desktop Publishing Inc. and The Church of Tina Chopp
Hypertext 1st edition © 1995 and 2nd edition © 1996 by The Church of Tina Chopp
All rights reserved

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