Weirdness, Religion and Spam

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The Church of Tina Chopp is WEIRD and if you expect it to be anything else you're only deluding yourself. It is in that weirdness that we find The Truth of Tina, which cannot be described in any other way.

A significant quantity of the Mail recieved by The Church of Tina Chopp is from people who would like to "straighten us out." It cannot be done. We are as severely bent as human beings can be. We like it that way. "Straight" people are boring. Besides that, generally the people who want to try to straighten us are self-proclaimed "christians" who are among some of the most socially twisted and grotesque people in existence.

Stamp Out Spam On Internet!!

The Church of Tina Chopp is against spam in any form. We are members of and CAUCE, and we are registered with and at We will ruthlessly pursue senders of unsolicited advertising of any kind and belligerently defend our right to be free of such annoyances. This includes advertisements for your favorite web page if you are sending it to us because you're trying to "straighten us out." The Church of Tina Chopp's standard spam-response and shrink-wrapped contract for content evaluation is publicly available. If you plan on adding our address to your commercial mailing list, please read it thoroughly, and check outck out our Spam-Bot Bait.

NOTICE TO BULK E-MAILERS: Pursuant to US Code, Title 47, Chapter 5, Subchapter II, p.227, any and all unsolicited commercial e-mail sent to this domain is subject to download and archival fees in the amount of Five Hundred Dollars US per instance. E-Mailing denotes acceptance of these terms. Also, be aware that The Church of Tina Chopp is physically located in Washington State, which currently has a well-defined anti-spam law, RCW 19.190.020 which defines pentalties of $500 or actual damages (whichever is greater) for violations. This means a potential total of $1,000 for every spam message received at this domain. Although the quantities have diminished considerably in the past couple of years, people continue to spam us... we can't figure out why. Rest assured, if you spam us, we will have you shut down.

If you didn't get the message, here is the official notice. This entire site and all associated e-mail addresses are located in the State of Washington. The act of sending unsolicited mail to addresses at this site is subject to the provisions of the Revised Code of Washington.

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