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The Church of Tina Chopp is many things to many people. Some of the people who have responded to The Church of Tina Chopp are The Best of The Christian Web, An Evil Anti-Tinite, Morena Cobbs, Miguelito Lovelace, EvaluWEB Content Rating Service (no longer in service), and ZUG e-zine,

The Sacred Object of The Church of Tina Chopp

The Church of Tina Chopp exists to provide knowledge, insight, inspiration and entertainment to Tinites everywhere. Since The Church was founded it has been our position that all people are Tinites; whether they know it or not, whether they acknowledge it or not, whether they like it or not, everyone in the world is a worshipper of Tina Chopp! Nevertheless, The Church of Tina Chopp has also always acknowledged the presence and works of Anti-Tinites, Jocks, Disco-people and rent-a-cop demons.

The Church of Tina Chopp gets a lot of mail from a wide variety of people. One of the most prevalent questions that is asked is "Is this a joke or is it a real religion?" The answer to that question is YES! If you can't figure out what this means you will probably not understand anything else in this site and (in our experience) are very likely to misinterpret something you'll eventually read here.

The Church of Tina Chopp web site is not "Best viewed with" any particular browser. We hate Microsoft (Most Intelligent Consumers Realize Our Software Only Fools Teenagers), and we feel that Netscape, while better at supporting internet standards, isn't much better. Our site is designed by a HTML Specialist and member of the HTML Writers' Guild and is guaranteed to be accessible by any Level 1 compliant browser (or better) which means that if your browser doesn't support tables or images you won't get the layout we intended, but you'll get everything else. Fooey on corporate competition, this is valuable information and whether you can see it or not does not depend on whose browser you're using.


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