The Sacred Ritual Object of the Church of Tina Chopp
The Sacred Object

     The Sacred Ritual Object is a symbolic representation of the Tinite Universe which was given, in a Snake-inspired vision to Church Founder, Rev. Guido DeLuxe, DD, LDD, OHS, MSU. The original Sacred Object is a relic of The Church and is used in the public Ritual Vegetable Sacrifices as well as in Orthodox Church ceremony and publicity. The original Sacred Object is made of a little more than 3 pennyweights of sterling silver and is depicted (depending on your screen resolution) at approximately life size.

     There are several symbolic images that make up and are contained within the Sacred Ritual Object. The Front of the Object contains the following symbols:

     The Sacred Ritual Object's primary function, apart from being a symbolic representation of the Tinite Universe to those who grasp the Truth of Tina, is as a vehicle of blessing, used in the Ritual of Vegetable Sacrifice. The vapours of the Holy Vegetable of Tina fill the hole (The Void of the Material World), bringing about balance and the overcoming of Adversity and The Vegetable-less Search. With the two primary blocks between Tina and Her creation dissolved by the Mind of Tina the future is thus revealed to the sacrificial vegetable, which is then, according to the order of the ritual, sacrificed, revealing its entrails from which the future is discerned by the priests officiating the ritual.

     The Back of The Sacred Ritual Object contains symbolic images which cannot be viewed by non-Church members.

     For more information about the Ritual of Vegetable Sacrifice please see The Vegetable Sacrifice Page.

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