The Bizarre Sex Rant Page

evil inside!

     Whoever taught pornographers about JavaScript should be shot. I did a lot of research for this site using a PII/200 computer with a T1 connection running Windoze NT 4.0 Workstation, and my computer crashed and crashed and crashed. It's really sad to see the state of pornography stoop
to such a horrendous low. True afficianados of pornography will be set back severely by the overabundant use of JavaScript new window events which will eventually eat even the biggest cache of free RAM, and even the most stable of operating systems will fall prey.

     In short, be careful when viewing pornography on the web. Watch carefully to see that you have a minimal number of browser windows open so that you do not
Big Knockers!
run out of memory; Pay attention, because frequently when you close a window, it will spawn a new window... in fact sometimes it spawns 10 or 12 new windows... and many of these new windows will probably contain identical sites!

     Except for sheer volume, I highly recommend usenet for collectors, since you can get one picture at a time and you don't have to worry about new windows being spawned every time you close a message.

     It is for this reason that I have kept the list of Bizarre Sex links to a minimum, and will endeavour to provide quality material for those who do not wish to, or do not have the capability of dealing with the browser-mania that's going on.


     To give you an example, many sites have scrolling messages in the bottom of the browser window, so that when you move your cursor over a link you can't see where you're going. Most of the time this is a way to get you to go to someplace where you have to pay to get your dirty pictures. Usenet will contain many messages advertising such sites as well, but as far as I've been able to tell, nothing is worth what they want to charge you. Other sites will obscure the URL in the bottom of the browser window by puting javascript in the link tag, like this. At the very least,
you'll have six or eight cookies placed on your computer. If you don't know about cookies, basically they're the way web-site owners keep track of who's hitting their web sites and who's coming back. You may notice that The Church of Tina Chopp will place no cookies, and will use
Whip it good!
no javascript to interfere with your viewing.

      Some sites will pop up when you close a browser window, or if you go to a bookmarked site rather than clicking on one of the links on the page... sometimes they'll pop up in windows which have no toolbars or status bars; frequently they'll pop up in tiny windows which can't be resized... It's irritating as hell! boop


     Keeping that in mind, please procede to The Bizarre Sex Pages. Thank you.