Links, Some Of Which May Have Absolutely Nothing Whatsoever To Do With Tina Chopp

Here are some links which, while not actually associated with The Church of Tina Chopp are ones which we think Tinites worldwide will find interesting.

bleahThe Misanthropic Bitch is humourous and deadly.
bleahWe Are The Other People - Read this now! Especially if you're a "christian"
bleahF.N.O.R.D. (We'll let you figure this one out on your own.)
bleahThe Church of The SubGenius is a rival church. Is Tina Chopp "Bob"? Conclusively, no! Tina never lies (TBOT and "Bob" lied!
bleahThose interested in such things might also be intrigued by The Forbidden Archives at
bleahThe Ape of Thoth is a text search dæmon which accesses huge quantities of very interesting texts.
bleahHere is a list of Biblical Vulgarities and Obscenities with explanations for those of you who still don't get it.
bleahHere is A Random Zen Koan for all the Zen Tinites.
bleahIf you're a Whirling Dervish Tinite (or just if you want to find out what one is) Mevlana Jalaud' Din Rumi is the guy who knows.
bleahThe Right Side of the Web is a conservative, republican (read Anti-Tinite) place which we recommend you should not go unless it is to tell them how disgusting they really are. This site is rated Bad/Bad by the Tinite Rating System. Fortunately they have a Grafitti Wall and a place where you can Post Messages on that wall, so have fun!
bleahScott Pakin's Automatic Complaint Letter Generator is extremely useful if you can't think of enough bad things to say about those who bother you.
bleahAlong the same lines, The Shakespearean Insult Generator, and The Elizabethan Curse Generator are useful if you can't think of anything bad to say about those who bother you.
bleah The Cyrano Server will automatically write steamy love letters, or cold-hearted "Dear John" letters, if you lack the skill or volition to do it yourself.
bleahA wonderful variety of Tinite resources can no longer be found in the archives of DRUGS -- PARANOIA -- DRUGS. They leave us with this message:

          When they took the fourth amendment,
               I was quiet because I didn't deal drugs.
          When they took the sixth amendment,
               I was quiet because I was innocent.
          When they took the second amendment,
               I was quiet because I didn't own a gun.
          Now they've taken the first amendment,
               and I can say nothing about it.

bleahThe Kooks Museum is all about people who are far weirder than us... No, really!
bleahJust how weird are you anyway? Find out by taking the Keirsey Temperament Sorter/Jungian Personality Test.
bleahIf your computer supports a telnet protocol (meaning that when you click on telnet links your computer starts up a telnet client and logs you in at the linked telnet address) you have the rare opportunity of meeting Rev. Guido DeLuxe in cyberspace and possibly taking part in virtual Vegetable Sacrifice Ceremonies and other Tinite rituals. These programs work in a way which is similar to IRC, except they're scripted with a simple command language (called Elsewhere 2).

bleahAt Crazylands you can find Rev. DeLuxe masquerading as a character named mahiswAradas.
bleahLand O' Useless Facts
bleahA List of Euphamisms For er... you know... uh... Snake Fondling! Yeah... that's it!
bleahIf the previous link disturbs you, you might need to check out Steps To Overcoming Masturbation
bleahCAUTION! [Don't click here!]
bleahWelcome to HempNet

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