The Tinite Rating System

Award Recipients

     The Church of Tina Chopp is proud to list the following sites as having recieved the following Tinite Ratings:

Instant Salvation

This site is proof that everyone in the world is a Tinite whether they know it or not.


ZUG is one of those "Web-Zines" but this one is decidedly Tinite in nature. Check out their pranks and stunts... especially some of their email pranks! Also they gave The Church of Tina a better review than we could have made up ourselves!

Cheeses of Nazareth - (unfortunately, no longer online... sad loss)

What can we say? If this web site is, as is claimed, made by an artificially intelligent computer then we have no choice but to appreciate it's exquisite strangeness. If it's actually made by a human being, we want some of whatever they have been smoking for... er... uh... testing! That's it! Testing...

WWWVoice - (unfortunately, no longer online...)

Home of Bud Uggly and people whose favorite Monkee is Magilla. Obviously vegetable induced thinking. "Certified More Smart-Alecky for Your Enjoyment"

The Homepage of Twin1

This site is so bad that it's not even on the web any more. Since we awarded this site, the server has gone away... he doesn't even have a DNS entry any more. When it was up and running it told of a guy who was the manager of a McDonald's on the east coast of North America and who did HTML in his spare time. His frames were worth a laugh, but in general, apart from his lavishly tacky use of stolen graphics it was pretty much a yawn

The Right Side of the Web

This is one site that Tinites should not visit.

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